How Do You Prepare For A Boudoir Shoot?

Here are all the steps to be best prepared for your boudoir session!

1: How to show up on the day

Wear loose-fitted underwear and clothing. Make sure what you show up in won’t leave clothing imprints on your skin as this may show up in photos.

If you are having your makeup done for your session please show up with little to no makeup on. If hair is included make sure it is clean and dry.

If hair is not included make sure your hair is styled how you’d like it for your session. I personally love it when hair is left down so it can be flipped around and played with in the photos.

2: Warm up for your session

Boudoir posing can feel like intense yoga. All of that arching the back and pointing your toes can leave you sore in the following days after your session.

If you want to avoid becoming sore I recommend stretching every day for a week before your boudoir session.

Here is an easy 15-minute stretching video that should help your body feel prepared for the shoot.

3: Packing lingerie for your session

Your photographer might have a client wardrobe available but I highly recommend bringing your own attire as well.

There is no shame in overpacking. Having options available is always great! On average there is usually 1-2 outfit changes done during a typical boudoir session.

If you don’t have any lingerie you like then this is a good excuse to go shopping. You want to be sure you’ll have something on the day that you love and feel confident in!

Try on everything before your session. If it’s too loose or too tight it will be noticeable in photos.

Make sure all your tags can be easily hidden or that you cut them off before your session.

4: Bringing props to your session

Some boudoir photographers may have different rules on props. Personally I love incorporating things to interact with during your session!

Like I said before, there is no shame in over packing when it comes to this just don’t have the expectation that any and/or all props will be used.

When I say boudoir props I’m sure most peoples minds go to whips and handcuffs but props can be so much more than those that are suggested to be sexual.

Here are some examples:

– White button up shirt or an oversized sweater

– Incorporating a creative hobby like your guitar or painting set

– Using something of your loved ones like their guitar or shirt or their favourite drink

– Lipstick or hairbrush

– Combat boots or high heels

– A bottle of wine and a wine glass

– Your favourite book

– A necklace or bracelet

– Something with special meaning to you

5: What to do with your body hair

You do not need to shave or wax for your boudoir session! Body hair is a choice. Just be aware that any body hair left may be interpreted that you want it to be shown.

For a complete guide of when to shave before your boudoir session with tips on avoiding razor burn, check out this blog here!

6: How to go about fake tanning for your session

Some boudoir photographers do not allow any fake tan or require retouching fees. It is important to know your photographers rules and notify them if you have any questions or concerns.

At Apricot Aura we allow fake tan but we highly recommend the tan to be professionally done or to a high standard. We do not charge extra for retouching but we need you to know that not everything can be edited out if the tan is done very uneven.

You should have the tan done 1-2 days before your session. Do not have your tan done the day of your boudoir session as it needs time to lock in. Having your tan done 4+ days before your session could give it time to rub off and become patchy.

If you live near Geelong, Victoria, Australia we highly recommend going to Eye Do Beauty. Christina’s spray tans are done very even, do not appear orange and do not rub off all patchy.

If you don’t live around here, make sure you get a good recommendation or even do a trail run of the tanner before your session.

7: Try poses beforehand

This is not something you need to do as your photographer should be capable of posing you throughout your entire session.

However… finding photos and poses you like and practising them beforehand will get your body more limber and ready on the day.

Try these poses out in the mirror. You might find a pose you love for your body that you can suggest doing at your session.

Even though we can guide you through your entire session that is mainly to take any pressure off of you on the day. We are 100% happy to have your session a bit collaborative.

8: Relax 

This is meant to be an incredible experience that some even say has been life-changing! Your photographer does not want you to be stressed out about your session. All we want is for you to relax and embrace the experience. We will handle everything on the day for you!!

If you are feeling nervous about your session you might find this blog helpful that shares tips on how to feel more confident and comfortable for your boudoir session!

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