Hey, I'm Sabrina!

I am a wife, a full-time mum, and owner of Apricot Aura.
I've danced through the chaos, being the embodiment of a 'hot mess'.
I know firsthand the power of boudoir photography.
Every day, my daughter stands as my living inspiration, a constant reminder of the boundless joy and uninhibited spirit inherent in us all during our early years.
Witnessing her young carefree spirit effortlessly dance through life, I am transported back to a time when the world was a playground.

Where I would not even consider how I looked as I raced towards a pool.
No "Is this swimsuit flattering?" or "Hopefully my makeup doesn't wash off." Only excited to show off to my parents how long I could do a handstand underwater!
We've all been there.. A time before the voice in our head turned against us. I want to bring you back to that place. I want you to full heartedly accept yourself. You as a child did not deserve to go through all the pain growing up brought you. But even more so, you do not deserve to not be anything but loved by yourself.


You get to pick
your photographer

A husband and wife team!



or have both..

We are the Turners

Nearly six years ago, our love story began, and it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since. Together we have forged a path filled with love, creativity, and photography, leading us to moments we could only dream of.

We are passionate about boudoir photography because we believe in empowering others to find self-acceptance. Why? Because we've seen the transformative impact it has on those struggling with self-esteem. And let's face it, when you don't feel confident, it seeps into EVERY aspect of your life.

You in this very moment is a version of yourself that you won't be for very long. You are changing by the day and it might be hard to see it now... but one day you will miss your current self. They deserves love now and are worth being remembered.

That's why we are here! To create a lasting impression of the time you embraced all that you currently are and decided to show yourself love despite all your insecurities. Capturing the most incredible images that you can cherish for a lifetime!

"One of the best things I have ever done, if you are even considering doing it, you will not regret it."

It's time you put yourself first.

Thank you! I look forward to our journey together.