When To Shave Before A Boudoir Photoshoot

When should I shave before my boudoir shoot?

Yay, you have a boudoir shoot coming up soon!

But now that it’s getting closer you find yourself overthinking everything so you feel well prepared.

Firstly, I want to add that as a boudoir photographer, it is our job to send you any information if we have specific expectations. If you haven’t heard any information about shaving from your photographer leading up to your session then there is no right or wrong way to go about it, but here are some tips and tricks to consider!!

What happens if I have stubble or razor burn for my boudoir session?

Some boudoir photographers may require a retouching fee. At Apricot Aura, we personally do not because we feel it is part of the art and session that you pay for. If you do have a photographer who charges for this it may feel annoying to pay extra to edit out something you could have avoided!

When is the best time to shave before a boudoir session!?

You know your body’s hair growth and how quickly or slowly it takes to come in better than anyone else. Some people might be able to shave two days before, some the day before and some might be panicking the morning of!

If you feel like you’ll need to be a last-minute shaver, here are some things to keep in mind.

– It would be less noticeable in photos to have a bit of stubble than a rash, redness or bumps from shaving.

– Try shaving just before bed rather than the day of your session.

– If you need to shave the day of your session, wake up early to give yourself a few hours between shaving and your session.

– Follow the shaving tips in the next session to avoid razor burn.

How to avoid razor burn before a boudoir session?

Here are some tips on how to best avoid getting razor burn before your boudoir session: 

– Moisturise your body with lotion before getting in the shower.

– Make sure your razor is not old, rusted or chipped at all.

– Use shaving cream, if you do not have shaving cream then hair conditioner is a good second choice.

– Use aloe-based moisturiser after your shower, moisturisers with chemicals and fragrances can sometimes intensify razor burns.

Where do I shave for a boudoir session?

Shaving is a choice. You do not have to shave any part of your body. If you do leave parts of your body hairy, photographers will assume you want that hair in your photos. 

Something I see a lot is people with full-shaven bodies that forget about their cracks.

A lot of girls aren’t actually aware that we grow hair on the backside of our bums and when you are wearing little to nothing it may show!

If all other body parts are shaved besides your crack I will assume you do not want to show this hair and I will either hide it in posing or edit it out.

If you want to shave this area but have never done it before you can easily do this with a razor. It is easiest done laying down flat on your back and then leaning up to see and reach it. You can also do it standing in the shower by spreading each cheek with the opposite hand.

How do I shave before a boudoir session with a fake tan on?

Razors WILL very likely rub away self-tanner. I highly recommend that all of my girls get a professional spray tan done if they do want to get a tan on for their boudoir session. 

Some photographers are very strict and do not allow tans, especially when they are done at home by yourself so it is important you know what is acceptable by your photographer.

At Apricot Aura we do allow tans, but if it is very spotty/blotchy we cannot promise that retouching can fix it all.

If you do tan, make sure you shave before getting the tan done. The tan should be done one to two days before your session but not the day of.

If you do need to shave, try and avoid the armpits as that is the area that rubs off the easiest.

Final thoughts!

If you have any questions or concerns about things like this just send your boudoir photographer a message as I am sure they would love to ease your mind about it all!

At Apricot Aura we do not want this to be something that brings any stress. If you have any stubble or razor burn we will happily edit it out of your images at no extra cost.

All we want is for you to relax and enjoy the experience of your session! No need to stress about the finer details, as long as you are feeling happy then we are happy!!

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