Are boudoir shoots awkward?

This is a very common and totally acceptable question to ask!!

From the outside with no experience in boudoir photography, you may look at boudoir photos and wonder what it was like having them done which would bring up a few questions.

Here are my answers to some of those questions you may be too scared to ask:

Although I cannot speak for everyone I can speak from my own experience.

1. What was it like while they were in that position having someone take their photos?

A good boudoir photographer will make sure you are feeling comfortable with each other before putting you in vulnerable positions. So it is likely that behind the scenes of these suggestive poses is a lot of laughs and banter.

2. How did the photographer go about having them get that undressed?

For us, we go over what your comfort level is before your session is done. Typically we start each session off fairly covered so we can warm up to each other before being in a more vulnerable state. Either the client will ask if they can remove more of their attire or we will suggest removing attire if it aligns with what they originally stated for their comfort levels. When we suggest it, we leave it as a completely optional thing that they do not have to do if they aren’t interested anymore. There is no pressure, demand or expectation when it comes to this.

3. What was the vibe like in the room, was there sexual energy?

The only time we have ever experienced sexual energy during a boudoir session is when it’s between a couple during a couples boudoir session. Which is a good thing because it’s like “Yay, they’re actually into each other” and even that isn’t as full on as it sounds as we are always going into new poses.

There is NO sexual energy on our part. Our minds are completely in work mode and I think most photographers would agree with us on this feeling. We are just working our brains in overtime making sure that the poses, lighting, and compositions are all perfect; all while making sure you are comfortable. Any respectful photographer would make little to no eye contact with any privates that are exposed during a session and keep it completely professional!

4. Is it weird shooting with a male photographer, would he act creepy?

I completely understand this concern as a female. Like I said in the #3, if they are talented with their craft they will have very little space in their minds to feel any sort of sexual energy. Working alongside my husband I see it is very much the same exact experience for the both of us where all we want is to make the subject look good, feel comfortable, and are completely focused on our work.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few male photographers work and the ones I have dealt with have been completely professional. Watching a man as they demonstrate to girls these super feminine poses is the least threatening thing ever.

I will say though, I have heard some horror stories about both male and female boudoir photographers. It is not gender specific to cross lines and push the client’s boundaries. I highly recommend reading this blog so you know what red flags to look out for when finding a boudoir photographer!

If you have any more questions to help ease your mind about Boudoir sessions, please leave a comment below!

To be fair, Boudoir photoshoots are guaranteed to be awkward if you don’t find the right photographer for you!!

If you want to find out how to avoid awkward situations with a photographer, check out this blog that gives you everything you need to look out for when choosing your photographer.

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