7 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Boudoir Photographer 

There are lots of incredible and trustworthy boudoir photographers out there. But just like any career, there are definitely some bad eggs in the mix. It is important you find someone professional to ensure your safety.

Here are some tips on what to look out for when booking a boudoir photographer:

1. Unprofessional Communication

Pay attention to how the photographer communicates with you.

If the photographer seems to be giving any uncalled-for compliments prior to the shoot, showing flirtatious behaviour or over sharing personal information without reason then it is best to say you are not in good hands. 

Don’t make excuses for behaviour that seems “off”. If you have a bad feeling, go with your gut. Yes, you might be wrong about them but it’s better to be safe and find someone you’d feel comfortable with.

2. Lack of Online Presence 

A legitimate boudoir photographer should have an active social media presence, a decent portfolio and a professional website.

This is not a rule of thumb to go by as some photographers may be just starting off and we can’t have it all at the beginning.

I believe it is completely fair to suss them out and request a Zoom call or meet up in a public place before the session. If they don’t look very professional online you’ll get a good opportunity to find out their intentions face to face.

If you meet them in a public space make sure a friend has their information and your location. If you get a bad feeling, make sure they leave and drive off before you so you won’t be followed.

3. Lack of Reviews or References 

A reputable boudoir photographer should have positive reviews and references from past clients.

If you can’t find any, it might be a cause for concern. Unless they have stated they are just starting out which like I said before, suss them out prior to your session!

4. Lack of Contract or Privacy Concerns

A professional boudoir photographer will provide a clear detailed contract for you to sign.

Be cautious if the contract is vague or missing.

Photographers should not use your photos without your consent. Make sure you have a clear conversation about the protection of your photos prior to your session. Your photographer should only do what you wish. It is a red flag if they act pushy to change your mind about sharing images! 

5. Pushy or Unprofessional Behaviour 

A good boudoir photographer respects boundaries and just wants you to feel comfortable and have a great experience. 

If your photographer is being pushy to make you do something you said you don’t want to do; Leave the session!!

Any unprofessional behaviour, such as inappropriate comments, unwelcome advances, or disrespect for your boundaries should not be tolerated.

I’ve heard horror stories about both male and female photographers so do not think this sort of abuse or harassment is gender specific.

6. What to do if you find yourself in a bad situation 

You will ALWAYS have the right to walk out of a session if you are having a bad experience.

Here is my advice if you are in a situation that is feeling awkward or unsafe to leave:

  • Text someone you trust your whereabouts and the photographers name / business name. I recommend doing this before meeting anyone new in an unknown space.
  • Make a very repulsive excuse. For example, start slowly complaining about your stomach, mention how you’ve been having diarrhoea and then say you have to go home before you ruin yourself.
  • Send your friend a text that you will call and just want them to stay on the phone without talking while you leave. This way if something bad happens they can notify authorities for you.

Of course it is unlikely you will end up in a situation this bad but it is always best to play it safe and I’m sure your loved ones will be happy to know where you are and help if needed.

7. Trust Your Gut

Like I’ve said in #1. Do not make excuses for that photographer and give them the benefit of the doubt.  It is better to play it safe than end up in a regretful situation. 

There are tons of photographers out there and you do not need to go with one that you aren’t 100% excited to work with. If you want tips on finding the right boudoir photographer for you check out this blog!

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