Couples boudoir photography near Melbourne

Interested in a intimate couples session?

Apricot Aura is a boudoir studio near Melbourne, Australia. Not only do we offer single boudoir sessions but we also do boudoir photography for couples. This is something we added on because it’s something we believe in ourselves. As a married team, we know what it is like when we look back at photos of ourselves from when we first met. The passion remains but it feels different over time and when we see those photos it takes us right back. From the 6 years we have been together we have changed so much. Every year that we grow older together has us looking back and reminiscing on how we were. It’s a beautiful thing to grow older together but it is also so special to have those intimate memories of us that shows our connection and youth together. It is something so special and we feel blessed to be able to create that for other couples as well!

6 Reasons why people do couples boudoir shoots!

There are so many reasons couples do intimate photoshoots together and some do them for multiple reasons. Here are some examples couples may be interested in this form of photography.

  1. Capturing their connection: A lot of couples have images of themselves smiling at a camera, being goofy, or being captured on their wedding day but those pictures usually don’t show off the passion and feelings that the couple has for each other.
  2. Relationship Milestones: Couples may desire a session to mark significant milestones in their relationship, such as anniversaries, engagements, or weddings.
  3. Enhancing Intimacy: Overtime life can keep us so distracted. We have jobs, kids, and all sorts of responsibilities that keep us from connecting. Our couples who have done these sessions always mention how it makes them feel like they get an even closer bond and extra time to actually focus on their connection again and remember they still have that passion.
  4. An adventurous date night: These kinds of sessions are out of the normal day-to-day activities for most people. It can feel thrilling to do something so different and out of your comfort zone. Boudoir sessions can be the BEST for a unique date night idea.
  5. Spicing Up the Relationship: Not all couples come to these sessions feeling super passionate. For some couples, it’s a way to add excitement and novelty to their relationship, reigniting passion and keeping the spark alive.
  6. Creating Memories: Couples want to create lasting memories that they can cherish for years to come, preserving moments of themselves. The way we look right now is SO temporary and this allows us to remember how you are together in this very moment of your lives.

Book a couples boudoir session

If you are in Melbourne considering a couples boudoir photoshoot we would love to make it happen! It can be very difficult for most couples to feel comfortable enough to be passionate and show their true connection in front of a camera. This is why it is so important to hire the right photographer for this style of photography. If we had any super power… it would be making others feel comfortable. At Apricot Aura we are focused on creating a safe and easy going environment for couples to relax and be themselves in. As a husband and wife team, we have a deep connection ourselves. Any posing becomes so simple because we can show you how to do everything ourselves. Our goal is not to have the entire session posed though. We love creating a natural element of how you normally connect by incorporating hobbies and activities you enjoy together into the session. We promise to create one of the funnest experiences you could have together! If you’d like to book in your session click here to reach out 🙂

Things to keep in mind!

Here is a bit of advice we have for anyone doing a couples boudoir session:

  1. Find out your photographer’s privacy terms. At Apricot Aura you can pick your level of privacy so you have the option that your photos can be for your eyes only.
  2. Extend the date! We have had couples who wish they had found a babysitter for longer than just the session. They felt so connected after the session but then had to go pick up the kids right after. Make sure you give yourself time to continue to connect after your shoot!
  3. Location choice is important. Although we are couples boudoir photographers near Melbourne that does not lock us into a specific location. We offer access to our studio in Geelong and a studio in Melbourne. But if you have a beautiful home that you’d like to remember, it might be nice to choose that as the photo location. Couples might also enjoy hiring a photogenic AirBnB that they can hire for multiple days to make it a memorable holiday.
  4. You get to pick what you are comfortable with! You do not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, including how much skin you show! A lot of people think boudoir photography means you have to be nude in the photos but that is completely a choice of your comfort level.

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