Boudoir photographer in Melbourne

Are you looking for a boudoir photographer in Melbourne?

Apricot Aura would be the perfect fit! We travel all over Victoria shooting in the most incredible studios in Melbourne like Mont Du Soleil and The House of Kind studio in St Kilda. There are no limits to where we will go around Melbourne and also offer sessions to be done in the privacy of your own home!

Just a short drive outside of Melbourne we also run a studio in Geelong. Apricot Aura’s studio is designed specifically for boudoir photography and is worth the trip! Check out our blog including some images and reviews from our studio here!

How to know if we are the right fit for you!

At our photography studio, we’re all about embracing diversity and empowering individuals from all walks of life. We believe in creating a space where everyone feels not just accepted, but truly celebrated. Our mission is to capture the essence of each person’s unique beauty and translate it into ways they’ve never viewed themselves before. We’re driven by the desire to make our clients feel undeniably sexy, without ever feeling objectified or sexualized. Through our lens, we aim to reveal the inherent beauty that lies within each individual, creating art they can cherish of themselves as they grow and age. Because at the end of the day, seeing is believing, and we want you to spend the rest of your life truly believing that you are beautiful!

If you’d like more information on how to choose the right photographer for you, check out this blog!

How do I book in?

If you are in Melbourne looking for a boudoir photographer we would LOVE to work with you!!

Fill out our contact form here and we will be in touch soon <3

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