Boudoir studio in Geelong!

Welcome to Apricot Aura’s Geelong Boudoir Studio!

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Geelong is a beautiful home studio run by the team at Apricot Aura.

Our studio is the perfect spot to have your dream boudoir session come to life.

With multiple rooms dedicated to creating a cinematic backdrop and access to our wide range of studio lighting, there is no doubt you’ll love the images we create here!

Your experience is our top priority!

Having beautiful photos is one thing, but to have an incredible transformative experience that is tied to your images is another!

At our Geelong studio, we focus on your comfort over anything else.

Creating an environment designed to help you feel relaxed.

Supplying food and drinks, playing your favorite music over our speakers, and setting up a full-sized mirror so you can see yourself while we guide you through posing are just a few ways we make this space feel good.

Our floors, chairs and blankets are always cleaned and sanitized with waxed melt aromas that fill each room.

From the moment you show up to have your session done with us you will quickly notice how much effort we put in to making each session special!

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How do you find our studio?

When you book a session with Apricot Aura we will send you a questionnaire.

Filling this out will give us tons of information about you, like your comfort zones, your likes and dislikes, and let us know where you’d like your session done. Apricot Aura home studio will be one of those options.

When you select our boudoir studio in Geelong we will send you an email with all sorts of information including the address and where to park.

Review’s after having a session in our Geelong studio.

“Sabrina is exceptional at what she does, and it also shows. The entire day how passionate she is about it. The second i walked in, my favorite music was playing, everything was all organised and clean. Making it perfect for my first time, and it easily calmed my nerves.

Before even walking into her house, I was sent a couple weeks prior a list- just so she knows my comforts, what I like and what I don’t. Even asking the little things, what music would I like to listen. as well as the big things like, what kind of photographer are you comfortable with. Just Sabrina, Just Jake or Both, and I deeply appreciated that.

As I decided for her to do my make up prior, it was no mistake or regret: as her love for make up, choosing colors she thought would suit me, and the theme ( that we pre-decided on, when she sent the form a couple weeks back ) shows how much time and energy she puts into every aspect of boudoir and the girl she is looking after on the day. As she is consistently making sure every make up brush, was either new or heavily sanitary.

Now the star of the show; the boudoir session. Everything was perfect, and she sure as hell made sure I felt safe and comfortable, letting me know I can take a break if i needed it. Which for someone with insecurities and a habit to overthink, that was something i loved to know. However; the second the first click of the camera happened – I felt confident and beautiful: and that was all due to how caring and sweet Sabrina was.

If anyone is thinking about doing boudoir, and have any concern about it, just know, if you do it with Apricot aura- you will end up walking out of the session feeling more confident than ever.” – I.H

“One of the best things I have ever done, if you are even considering doing it, you will not regret it” – M.D

“Sabrina is the sweetest hype woman ever! She took so much time and care into ensuring I A: felt super comfortable in the studio, B: felt insanely sexy and C: was fully satisfied with the final products.

I’ve never spent so many hours looking at myself! It’s evident she takes pride in creating a space for women to celebrate themselves.

Sabrina’s photography is simply stunning and I would encourage – no – insist that any person gives her services a go if they’ve considered it… but especially if they haven’t.

I can’t wait for my next shoot 🤩 Thank you for everything!!” -N.C

How do I book a session at the boudoir studio?

If you’d like to have a boudoir photoshoot done at our Geelong studio fill out the contact form on our website. We love connecting with new people and can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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