What is it like doing a boudoir photoshoot?

The experience of a boudoir session will be unique for each person so we can’t tell you what yours will be like… But I can share what others have written about their own boudoir experience!

After J’s boudoir session, I sent her a few questions. This was J’s first time doing a boudoir session. Her session was done at Apricot Aura in Geelong with Sabrina. Each question I write is responded to by J sharing her own experience.

What motivated you to do a boudoir session?

“I’ve always admired the intimacy, vulnerability, and power of boudoir. It has been a bucket-list item for a long time, but I felt like I needed to be in my “ideal” body. When the opportunity to do a session with Sabrina came up I had a moment of “if not now, when?” and decided to just go for it. Rolls, jiggle, discomfort and all, because at the end of the day, we are all art, and it’s time I started applying that belief to my own body.” -J

Were you nervous or excited before the shoot?

“As someone who is usually very uncomfortable in front of the camera, I was super nervous. I was nervous about posing, about being in my underwear with a stranger, I was worried about how my body looked, and about seeing my body through someone else’s lens. But having seen Sabrina and Jake’s work, I was so confident and comfortable in their skill and their style that I knew I would love the photos, and that was such an exciting thing.” -J

How did you feel working with Sabrina?

“From the moment I walked into the studio Sabrina was the most beautiful, warm, welcoming presence. I felt like I was catching up with an old friend and taking some silly photos. She guided me through makeup application and posing, picked the perfect music from my very vague suggestions, and brought the most beautiful, kind, fun energy. All of my fears dissolved, and I was so comfortable throughout the whole session.” -J

What did you love most about the session?

“The whole experience was fantastic. Sabrina was the most amazing hype-girl-makeup-artist-creative-director and it was just such a fun experience <3” -J

Was there anything you didn’t like about the session?

“I wish I could give some constructive criticism, but I really cannot think of anything that needs improvement.” -J

How did you feel immediately after the shoot ended?

Posing is absolutely no joke, and after shooting for a couple of hours I was ready to curl up in bed.” -J

Describe your emotions when you first saw your boudoir photos.

“Seeing my photos for the first time was such a complex emotional experience. There was awe and inspiration and fear and excitement and guilt and compassion. It was overwhelming and cathartic in all of the most amazing ways. The pictures themselves are absolutely stunning. Every single one. My relationship with my body is tumultuous though, and seeing myself depicted in such beautiful art was an intense combination of pain and hope and guilt and joy and appreciation and grief. A deeply cathartic experience that left me feeling a sense of sorrow for all of the years I have spent wishing and trying to look different, and a real sense of hope and joy that I can learn to see my body the way that I see other people.” -J

Did the photos meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations?

“I had such high expectations coming into this, and yet Sabrina still managed to go above and beyond. The photos are stunning, sexy, sensual, and dramatic.” -J

Did seeing the photos impact your self-esteem and body confidence?

“Absolutely. After a lot of changes, my body doesn’t look the way that I imagined it to, and yet, still I am beautiful and sexy and deserving of awe and appreciation <3” -J

Do you have a favorite image? What about it did you like so much?

“That’s so tough, all of the photos are incredible. The ones I keep coming back to though are the few that really highlight my favourite features and are just so damn hot. There are a couple that, thanks to Sabrina’s excellent posing guidance, do a fantastic job of minimising areas that I’m less comfortable with, and drawing attention to parts I love.” -J

Would you recommend Apricot Aura to a friend or family member? Why or why not?

“Absolutely! The whole experience was fantastic, the photographs have been amazing, Sabrina was such a joy to work with and I cannot fault the experience or the end results <3” -J

Photos from J’s experience with a Geelong boudoir photographer all taken by Apricot Aura.

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