"I want to book a shoot but I want my photos to be private."

When you book your session with us we will send you a questionnaire. This will ask you the level of privacy you'd like for your photos. We only share images that we have written consent from a signed contract. Most of our sessions are completely private!!

"Can i bring a friend for support?"

We use to allow friends at shoots.
As much as we loved our clients friends, it has become a risk to the session.
From uncomfortable comments that they thought were encouraging, bad advice and creating a whole different energy on the day. I no longer put my sessions at the risk of others. If you feel safer having your friend close by, they are welcome to wait outside. They can walk in with you but will have to leave once we begin your session. Friend sessions are available we just can't afford for any distractions on the sidelines.

"I want to book a session but i am under the age of 18"

We will not shoot anyone under the age of 18 for boudoir. If you feel it is something you might desperately need for your confidence, you are welcome to message us about a portrait session but you will have to be clothed for this. Please understand that it is against the law to shoot anyone under the age of 18 nude and any business that agrees to do this should be shut down. We have no interest in capturing anyone underaged in a boudoir setting and will ask for proof of age if necessary.

"Will i get to choose my photographer for my session?"

Yes! We will send out a questionnaire where you will get the choice of having Jake, Sabrina or the both of us shooting your session. There are benefits to hiring two photographers but we know it's necessary to have different gender options as well!

"I am not a model and don't know how to pose. Will you guide me?"

We do not have any expectations on you to pose yourself. We have studied posing and we am more than happy to guide you through your entire session. All we want is for you to do what is comfortable for you! 

"I want to book a session but i do not feel photogenic"

There is nothing more beautiful than someone accepting their insecurities and loving themselves. Confidence is an act, not a feeling. 

"Do i have to get completely undressed at the session?"

No way! You only do what you are comfortable with. This is all about how you want to see yourself. What you wear is your choice.

"How do you ensure my comfort during this shoot"

There are a lot of different steps I take beforehand and on the day so I am fully aware of your comfort levels and boundaries. Even still, I will be constantly checking in throughout your session.

Have any more questions or want to book in?

We would love to answer all of your questions.
If you can't find yours below, please reach out!

"Do you travel? I want to do a session with you but somewhere else"

Yes, we have traveled before and will happily travel again. Certain travel fees may apply.

"I want to do a session but it's out of my budget."

Payment plans are available! We also recommend joining our email list and keeping a lookout for any 'Mini sessions' that may pop up!

"One of the best things I have ever done, if you are even considering doing it, you will not regret it."

It's time you put yourself first.

Thank you! I look forward to our journey together.