“Photographs are time machines that transport couples back to the way they felt when the image was taken.”


The experience of a couples boudoir shoot

In this blog we will share questions we asked a couple and their response. This session took place at their home in Geelong. The goal for us was to create scenes that told a story and captured their true connection.

What motivated you to do a boudoir session?

“I love the power of a picture that can capture something shared that is special that you can look back on and re-live. The opportunity to do a couples session was something I wanted for my husband and I to be able capture this time so we can look back on it one day and cherish.”

Were you nervous or excited before the shoot?

“I think anything you do that is outside your normal comfort zone can be daunting. Especially when less clothes are on. But overall, my husband and I were excited to share the experience together and looked forward to it.”

How did you feel working with Sabrina / Jake / Both of us?

“Jake and Sabrina are amazing artists. We had the pleasure of them both photographing us. My husband and I were in awe of their expertise and the way they work together was seamless. Their artistic talent was incredible. There was never an awkward feeling or moment. We could be ourselves and we felt so comfortable.”

What did you love most about the session?

“Doing a couples boudoir session meant that my husband and I could spend some really amazing time together in a way we have never spent before. We felt like it was the best date night/day we’ve ever gone on. We had so much fun and loved the whole experience.”

Was there anything you didn’t like about the session?

“Nothing at all.”

How did you feel immediately after the shoot ended?

“I think we were tired haha. All those fun positions were a good work out.
But we felt good. And excited to see what was created..”

Is there anything else you’d like to share??

“We’re are very grateful for the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Are you interested in doing a couples boudoir photoshoot?

Considering a boudoir session for you and your lover? If you are based in Melbourne or Geelong we would love to capture your connection!! Send us a message here so we can start planning! 🙂

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